2018 JPL Open House

PO.DAAC showcased visualization capabilities at the 2018 JPL Open House. "A Ticket to Explore JPL" was a huge success with approximately 25,000 visitors.

19th International GHRSST Science Team Meeting (GHRSST XIX)

Dr. Jorge Vazquez representing PO.DAAC at the GHRSST Science Team Meeting in Germany this week from June 4 - 8, 2018.

2018 User Working Group (UWG) Meeting

PO.DAAC welcomed our UWG and NASA HQ officials for the annual meeting on 15-16 May 2018.

2018 Ocean Sciences Meeting

PO.DAAC represents at the 2018 Ocean Sciences Meeting in Portland, Oregon.

2018 PO.DAAC Webinar: NASA PO.DAAC State Of The Ocean: I spy with my little eye something...

Eric Tauer, Cathy To, Flynn Platt and Ed Armstrong participated in a NASA Earthdata webinar on January 30, 2018, entitled "NASA PO.DAAC State of the Ocean: I spy with my little eye...

2018 ESIP Winter Meeting

PO.DAAC represents at the 2018 ESIP Winter Meeting in Bethesda, Maryland.

2017 Fall AGU Meeting

PO.DAAC represents at the 2017 Fall AGU Meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Sea Surface Salinity from Aquarius V5.0 End-of-Mission Data

The Aquarius V5.0 end-of –mission data were publicly released by the PO.DAAC on 7 December 2017.  Here we see a 7-day composite global image of sea surface salinity (SSS) from Aquarius for...

2017 Summer Meeting for the Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

PO.DAAC represents at the 2017 Summer ESIP Meeting in Bloomington, Indiana.

Soiled soils

Featured on the NASA Earthdatawebsite. 'Soiled soild', Invisible pollutants lurk under Italy's most populous valley. To read article, please visit: